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Fri, 05.02.2016

As the world gears up for the launch of the next generation of Barbie dolls which resemble real women, eBay.co.uk has produced a ranking taking a look at which of the dolls previous alter egos come top in terms of sales on site.

With more than 200,000 listings for Barbie on site, the 11.5 inch tall fashion doll has certainly captured the imagination of Brits over the last few decades and unsurprisingly it’s ‘Original Barbie’ which tops the eBay chart selling more than 3,000 pieces of merchandise in the last three months, that’s nearly 35 a day.[1]

Mon, 21.12.2015

21 December 2015 – Nearly half (47%) of Brits are expected to receive a Christmas gift that’s not on their wish list this year, according to new research from online marketplace eBay. That’s a potential 99 million1 unwanted pressies at a total value of £1,232 million1 all looking for a new home. 

Tue, 24.11.2015

eBay Reveals Britain's Secret 'Round-the-Clock' Shopping Habits Ahead of Black Friday

Fri, 20.11.2015

eBay has announced the launch of #eBayElves, the world’s first social gift concierge, to help solve Christmas conundrums around the country and make this holiday season a little less stressful.

Wed, 11.11.2015

Nine million Brits predicted to visit eBay in 24 hours on 27th November