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Mon, 18.04.2016

As the much anticipated action-remake of the Jungle Book hits the silver screen, online marketplace eBay.co.uk has taken a look at the most popular Disney films. While poor Mowgli and his be(ar)st friend Baloo don’t even make it into the ranking, Frozen is refusing to ‘let go’ of the top spot, selling two items every minute in the past three months . 
No longer quite belle of the ball, but still in second place is glass-slipper clad Cinderella who sells a remarkable 489 products per day .

Thu, 24.03.2016

As the much-anticipated Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice hits the big screen and the iconic superheroes battle in the ultimate power struggle, eBay.co.uk has seen Batman outselling his rivals with two pieces of merchandise every minute on the site .

Thu, 17.03.2016

Three restoration projects will each receive £4,000 to spend on car parts from ebay.co.uk

Wed, 02.03.2016

With World Book Day fever hitting schools across the country on 3rd March, eBay.co.uk has seen more than 26,000 people searching for ‘World Book Day costumes’ and ‘World Book Day fancy dress’ in the last week, with Harry Potter appearing front of mind.

Wed, 24.02.2016

eBay.co.uk and sewing queen May Martin stitch together some tips for World Book Day costumes