About Mobile

About Mobile

Mobile is revolutionizing how people shop and pay, becoming the digital center of  peoples’ lives. As a global leader in mobile commerce – in 2012 4.3 million new eBay
users made their first purchase on mobile – eBay’s iPhone® and iPad® applications are available in eight languages and 190 countries.

In 2013 we predict that eBay will transact $20 Billion through mobile worldwide.  One-third of all eBay transactions are 'touched' by mobile, meaning users access listings or post via mobile, or the sale is made on a mobile.  Worldwide, 3.3 million listings are made via eBay mobile every week and here in the UK:

  • A vehicle is bought every three minutes by mobile
  • A pair of ladies shoes, every 15 seconds
  • A ladies handbag every 30 seconds
  • Lastly, a tablet is bought on a mobile device once every minute

The top categories for mobile buying on eBay are fashion, tech and vehicles. 




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