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All hail Jon Snow, King of the TV throne.
Wed, 23.04.2014

Game of Thrones fever has struck once again. Series four kicked off with a bang last week and fans of the show have flocked to eBay in celebration. 

Selfie Sales Soar
Fri, 11.04.2014

With celebs all over the world, including Ellen DeGeneres and that photo, filling our newsfeeds with a variety of selfies or even belfies in the case of Kim Kardashian, sales of essential selfie equipment have soared on eBay over the past month. 

Online giving increases with a charitable end to 2013
Tue, 08.04.2014

eBay Inc. has seen year-on-year growth in online charitable fundraising


Contrary to some recent reports which suggest charitable donations are declining, eBay Inc. in the UK, including eBay and PayPal, has seen online giving grow by 8 per cent in November of 2013 alone. During that period, eBay Inc. customers raised more than £14 million compared to £13 million in November 2012. 

Inspired by celeb pregnancies the LBD4B (The long black dress ‘4’ bump) tops the maternity fashion charts on eBay
Tue, 08.04.2014

New statistics released from eBay identify that the classic ‘LBD’ takes on a new meaning this month as the ‘Little Black Dress’ is replaced by the ‘Long Black Dress for Bump’ (LBD4B) as the nation’s number one maternity style for mums-to-be. 

eBay Launches New Suite of Features to Deliver Shoppable Inspiration
Thu, 06.03.2014

eBay Launches New Suite of Features to Deliver Shoppable Inspiration: Collections, Follow & eBay Today

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