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Press Releases

Fri, 21.11.2014 reveals Sunday 30th November is set to be

Tue, 18.11.2014



Mon, 17.11.2014

·         Last week of October marks the start of the Christmas ‘export window’

Thu, 18.09.2014

eBay and the British Fashion Council (BFC) are excited to announce the opening of the highly anticipated BFC Contemporary Shop - an exclusive pop-up shopping destination on; launching in celebration of London Fashion Week S/S15.


Opening for a strictly limited time (5th – 21st September), style hunters across Europe, will have the chance to own a slice of London Fashion Week.

Thu, 18.09.2014

In a world first, eBay today releases ‘Sound of Shopping’, a piece of music using sounds scientifically proven to help people make better shopping decisions. 

Celebrating’s 15th anniversary the ‘Sound of Shopping’ uses pop music radio, football commentary and people chatting – all of which have been proven to make shoppers think more rationally about what they are buying, reduce bad purchasing choices and help shoppers spot a bargain.

Fri, 22.08.2014

The first item sold on was a three track CD from German rock outfit, The Scorpions, going for the princely sum of £2.89. From there the only way was up, and eBay has since evolved into an important market place for business sellers, leading high street retailers and UK exporters - hitting three billion sales worth £65bn1 on its 15th birthday.


The evolution of eBay also tells a story of how far e-commerce has come in the UK. Up until 2007 online accounted for less than 4% of all retail sales2. Today, the amount spent online accounts for 11% of all retail spending3.

Fri, 15.08.2014

David Cameron might not be the only Briton reshuffling his cabinet in order to sell himself better. The kitchen is widely recognised as one of the most important rooms of the house when it comes to sale price. With a 40% increase in the number of sales of properties in the £500k - £1m bracket, buyers can certainly afford to be high maintenance as recent data from eBay demonstrates. 

Fri, 15.08.2014

eBay has seen a ‘rise’ in interest in baking in recent weeks as Middle England prepared for the start of the Great British Bake Off. Anticipation is already mounting for next week’s cookie cutter challenge with over 36,354 listings for the biscuit shapers, including those shaped as newborn baby’s onesies or the space rockets which may appeal to ‘geek baker’ Jordan.

Mon, 04.08.2014

With less than a month until the return of the iconic Doctor, a Doctor Who’s Who ranking has been compiled by eBay, that show fans clinging to the past rather than looking to the future.

Wed, 23.07.2014


Today, the British Fashion Council (BFC) and eBay announces the launch of an exciting new initiative, BFC Contemporary, sponsored by eBay.


BFC Contemporary aims to strengthen the UK’s contemporary ready-to-wear and accessory offering by providing fashion designers with a programme that delivers mentorship and offers strategic commercial opportunities.