Press Releases

Press Releases

Thu, 12.05.2016

This weekend, eBay will premiere a hilarious series of shows in the Bullring Birmingham, entitled Shop Live! with eBay. Taking place centre stage in the city’s shopping destination, the series of live performances will take place on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th May.

In a tongue-in-cheek homage to home shopping television programmes, Shop Live! will consist of two interactive performances; each allowing the audience to take advantage of deals straight from the convenience of their mobiles, whilst they watch.

Wed, 11.05.2016

Now celebrating its 21st year, eBay has unveiled the spending habits of Birmingham residents with new shopping data launched this week. With sales of handbags and lycra soaring, the latest data from the online marketplace shows that fitness is having a major moment in fashion.

Shoe and bag mad Brummies will always step out in style, with a whopping 97,400 shoes and handbags sold every year, whilst activewear purchases are also on the up, as we hurtle towards summer dressing. 

Tue, 10.05.2016

Brits are failing to get a foothold on the ‘possessions ladder’ when they move house according to new research from online marketplace
Though the average home has £4,000  of unwanted items lying around, just a fifth of people (22%) are canny enough to sell items to fund the purchase of items for a new home. 
Despite a third (36%) of us thinking we’d need at least £1,500 to upgrade our possessions, nearly half of us admitted we’ve knowingly packed and kept items we’ll never use in our new place.

Mon, 18.04.2016

As the much anticipated action-remake of the Jungle Book hits the silver screen, online marketplace has taken a look at the most popular Disney films. While poor Mowgli and his be(ar)st friend Baloo don’t even make it into the ranking, Frozen is refusing to ‘let go’ of the top spot, selling two items every minute in the past three months . 
No longer quite belle of the ball, but still in second place is glass-slipper clad Cinderella who sells a remarkable 489 products per day .

Thu, 24.03.2016

As the much-anticipated Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice hits the big screen and the iconic superheroes battle in the ultimate power struggle, has seen Batman outselling his rivals with two pieces of merchandise every minute on the site .

Thu, 17.03.2016

Three restoration projects will each receive £4,000 to spend on car parts from

Wed, 02.03.2016

With World Book Day fever hitting schools across the country on 3rd March, has seen more than 26,000 people searching for ‘World Book Day costumes’ and ‘World Book Day fancy dress’ in the last week, with Harry Potter appearing front of mind.

Wed, 24.02.2016 and sewing queen May Martin stitch together some tips for World Book Day costumes 

Thu, 18.02.2016 uncovers how wearing the right shade of rouge can emotionally steer your Valentine’s evening

With Valentine’s Day just a heartbeat away; the colour red is all around us. Although it is renowned for its universal emotional properties of evoking love and affection, eBay has uncovered that selecting a specific hue of the primary tone, can incite very different psychological responses.

Fri, 05.02.2016

As the world gears up for the launch of the next generation of Barbie dolls which resemble real women, has produced a ranking taking a look at which of the dolls previous alter egos come top in terms of sales on site.

With more than 200,000 listings for Barbie on site, the 11.5 inch tall fashion doll has certainly captured the imagination of Brits over the last few decades and unsurprisingly it’s ‘Original Barbie’ which tops the eBay chart selling more than 3,000 pieces of merchandise in the last three months, that’s nearly 35 a day.[1]